Everyone has the potential to be creative. Not all of us try to reach for the potential or sometimes we just get road blocked. Each person is different, but trying these exercises might help to unblock creative channels and get the creativity flowing again.






Listen to Music

Many people have heard of the “Mozart Effect.” Researchers had people listen to Mozart and found an increase in spatial reasoning abilities. Since then, researchers have found that it isn’t only classical music that can improve brain power. You can listen to any music that you like. The National Geographic Show, Brain Games, put this theory to the test.

The Journal of Consumer Research also found that a moderate level of noise increases creativity. In addition, a Spotify sponsored research project determined that certain types of music can inspire creativity.  Researchers still have a lot to learn about what inspires us to be creative, but you can test the theory for yourself. Turn on some good tunes and see if it inspires you.



Try Something New

Creativity often means stepping outside of boundaries and experimenting. Introducing yourself to new things can bring new ideas and break up the monotony of everyday routines. The California State University website cites from the book Human Motivation, that one motivator of creativity is having novel and complex stimulation.




Dr. Deepak Chopra is a well-known public speaker and influential voice in the alternative medicine community. The Chopra Foundation states that meditation can link you to your deeper self and inspire awareness and creativity. Researchers at Leiden University confirmed Dr. Chopra’s claims in their 2012 study, Meditate to create. The study concluded that meditation can help with divergent thinking, but not just any kind of meditation. Those who meditate need to use open-monitoring meditation to stimulate the mind and unlock creative channels. This type of meditation doesn’t focus on a single object. Instead, a person must open their mind to both their thoughts and the world around them.






Go Outside

Psychologists from the University of Utah and the University of Kansas researched the effects of nature on creativity. It turns out that not only is being in our natural environment good for our health, it also improves our talent for being imaginative. With four days of immersion in nature, hikers scored 50% better on creativity assessments.


Use Inspirational Decor

We can use color psychology to our advantage. For example, the color green is often associated with learning and growth. A 2012 study found that simply viewing the color green for a short time can increase creativity. The art of Feng Shui can also help people to develop a creative space. Try having good organization, strong blocks of color, natural surroundings (bring in plants or fountains), and inspiring pictures.




The benefits of exercise are not a secret, but did you know that exercise also affects creativity? A Stanford study showed that walking increases creativity by 60 percent. The British Journal of Sports Medicine also found that regardless of mood, exercise increases our creative abilities.







While some teachers discourage doodling in class, it can help many people focus.  Author Sunni Brown performed a Ted Talk on the subject of doodling. In her talk, she reasons that doodling engages our mind and that doodling is one of our greatest allies. Her book notes that some of the greatest minds such as Einstein, Henry Ford, and JFK were doodlers.


Have fun! I know I am.

How do you channel your creativity?