So, I heard that you’re bored…

That’s why you’re here, right?

Were you browsing the web in hopes of a time suck? It’s a click-fest over here.

Or, maybe you’ve watched epic fails on YouTube? Me, too.

Then there is this fantastic recipe for cauliflower rice on Best Recipe Box. Did you see it? I wonder if you’ve been on the same journey I have.


It began with inspiration…

First, I started on Mindbloom. I found some inspiration, made a to-do-list, and grew a tree.

Still bored, I stumbled through the internet awhile on StumbleUpon.

When I regained my balance… I picked up some wisdom from TinyBuddha until my craving for German chocolate cake took hold. Getting the cake was too much of a bother, so I went to Duolingo to learn German instead.

About five minutes later, I found myself on a voyage with National Geographic’s Brain Games. That where I discovered what happiness sounds like.

The sound of happiness brought back such nice memories and nostalgia. That’s why I went looking for some classic games on Steam.

What do you like to do when you're bored?
Then a need to learn… everything.

After burning a hole in my brains, I couldn’t help but feel the need to patch the hole with some knowledge from Khan Academy, Udemy, and Coursera.

Nearly bursting with as much knowledge as I could take, I crammed in a final ounce of Ted Talks on the topic of happiness… or  maybe you took the shortcut and just read the highlights.

If you read the short notes, you probably had enough left over time to learn all 50 things that everyone should know how to do.

If that wasn’t enough, your curiosity can continue until you learn how to make everything on Instructables. Maybe you created your own Instructable or went over to Fiverr for some extra cash.

My stomach let out an aggressive groan, so I made some energy balls from Deliciously Ella before trying out my moves with free Fitness Blender videos.  When my quads were good and sore, I moved on to learning about the 8 Cleaning Mistakes Everyone Makes on Bob Villa.

One distraction after another…

Every time I think about dusting the blinds, I get distracted. That’s when I found a great playlist on Pandora and started a new station,… but then I remembered I could make money reviewing music on Slice the Pie.

Those blinds will never be clean.

I decided to give back on Kickstarter. The feelings of generosity continued as I clicked every banner on The Great Good Network. One click and the puppies get food, the children get books, and less people starve.

I signed up for a local Meetup group… or two… or three. Maybe one too many. Now I have new friends to play board games, walk dogs, take photos with, and go hiking with.

Being so very bored, I needed good material to talk about, so I did my research on Cracked. In fact, did you know that some people want Ronald McDonald dead?

Liu Bolin, the man who paints himself into backgrounds creates awesome art. Everyone should see it.

My old library card was caked with dust. It still is, since I went to the online library and made use of my Kindle.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child recently came out, so I read the other 7 books. Before I knew it, I was spending hours reading library books online.518vha3dh9l-_sx329_bo1204203200_


Finally, did you take some online quizzes at BuzzFeed? Actually, no I didn’t do that. I wrote this blog post instead.

Still bored?

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