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The EnterNut is a place for people. It’s where we can be authentic, support each other, and grow. The EnterNut isn’t about me. It’s about us.

The EnterNut is still new and fertile land. Help me build it into a supportive network.

Let’s get inspired, share ideas, and learn from each other.

Most importantly, let’s have fun.

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Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ~Mahatma Gandhi
About Me:

Like I said, this isn’t really about me, but if you insist here is a tidbit about me.

My name is Nikki. Nice to meet you!

I may or may not be fictional, but I like to keep the question open as to whether or not I’m someone’s imaginary friend. If you need a friend, real or imagined, I’m here for you.

The truth about me is that I stopped really living. I stopped dreaming. I lost my authenticity. That’s why I’ve been on a quest to live authentically, to continuously improve, and to be inspired and to inspire others. I’m here to play games, whether I win or lose. To make jokes, without regard to whether or not anyone else will laugh. To focus on squeezing the last delicious drop of juice from an orange, without focusing on whether or not pulp will get stuck between my teeth. Seriously, it’s just extra flavor for later.

One last thing about me. This used to be a secret, but now I will freely admit to the world wide web, that I do enjoy watching gummy bears dance. They can dance if they want to. They can leave their friends behind.